Sickopedia is a branch of the Sick and Wrong Podcast. Where Your PodCrafting OverLords Dee Simon and Lance Wackerle compete with each other on the show for the most disturving news article. SickandWrong is the worlds source for anti-social behaviour and we, the members of the Sick Army have accepted the show has the rightful Supreme Podcrafting Ruler. We intend to spread the sickness by any means necesary. Sickopedias goal is to became the richest source of S&W material, be it in what ever form in comes. The site has been created by the fans for the fans. Check it out, have fun and post you knowledge. my name is james hyland i am a spazzer, i live in bradford AKA bradistanand I like to play with mens hinee hole and smell the sweet sweet fregrance of smegma.